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privacy policy

(privacy policy)


2017 June 22, Toyota mobility Parts Co., Ltd., Kanagawa Branch President Mori expereince

Toyota Mobility Parts Kanagawa branch office can protect your personal information

We recognize that it is very important in our business activities and consider it to be our social responsibility.
Therefore, we have established the following privacy policy and will strive for reliable efforts.


  1. Compliance with laws and norms 
We will handle personal information properly in compliance with laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Law and other norms and guidelines.


  2. Collection, use and provision of information
(1) At our company, we collect personal information after clarifying the purpose of use and obtaining the consent of the person in advance.

   The personal information will be used only within the scope of the agreed purpose, and will not be used for any other purpose.

(2) Necessary to respond appropriately to customer's offers and suggestions to the Company or Toyota Motor Corporation
     Depending on the situation, we may provide personal information received from customers to Toyota Motor Corporation, etc.

   ① We will not provide customer information to third parties except in the following cases.

   However, if the Company entrusts customer information to a business consignee within the range necessary for business consignment,

     This is not the case.

A) When the customer agrees b) When providing information to Toyota Motor Corporation and a person who has signed an information provision contract with Toyota Motor Corporation, orally, in writing, or in electronic media. The purpose of use of the provider is as follows.








C) When it is deemed necessary by law d) When it is deemed necessary for the benefit of the customer or the public.
E) When there are other justifiable reasons.

    (2) If the customer wishes to discontinue the provision of A and B in the preceding paragraph to a third party,

    You can ask us to that effect.

  3. Appropriate management of personal information Customer's personal information should not be lost, destroyed, falsified, leaked, or illegally accessed.

We will take security measures and manage them appropriately.

  4. Disclosure / correction / deletion of personal information The customer about his / her own personal information

If you are requested to inquire, correct, or delete the contents, please contact our sales representative.

We will respond promptly within a reasonable range.

  5. Maintaining and improving the protection of personal information We will educate our workers so that their personal information will be handled properly.

We will check for proper handling and review and improve our efforts to protect personal information.

  6. Contact point for inquiries regarding personal information

Toyota Mobility Parts Co., Ltd. Kanagawa Branch

    General Affairs / CSR Promotion Office TEL 045-351-1421 (main)

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