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​Role of Toyota Mobility Parts

​1. Creating an aftermarket and contributing to a new mobility society

We will contribute to the creation of an aftermarket and the construction of a new mobility society during the transformational period, which is said to be once every 100 years.

​2. Marketing solution

We provide customers with solutions that can meet their needs by demonstrating marketing functions so that their business partners, Toyota dealers, can be trusted and selected.

​3. Optimal logistics

While advancing work style reforms for people involved in logistics, we will always develop optimal logistics in collaboration with business partners so that products can be delivered to customers in just-in-time.



* CSV: Creating  Shared Value

"Creation of social value" by tackling social issues

  To improve corporate value by achieving both "creation of economic value".

Toyota Mobility Parts Kanagawa Branch is working to create value that can be shared with local customers, and aims to contribute to the development of a safe, secure and prosperous mobility society in Kanagawa Prefecture.



At the Toyota Mobility Parts Kanagawa branch office, volunteers form club activities, and people with common hobbies are actively communicating. Currently, there are 5 clubs, each of which has fun activities.

Click the photo to see the activities of each club.

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