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​James Tressa Yokohama

Racing simulator corner

e -motorsports to motor  sports

​The racing simulator allows you to experience the fun and excitement of driving a car in a safe and secure environment even if you are not racing or driving on a circuit!


​User guide

Usage amount: 15 minutes ¥ 1,000 (excluding tax)

Age target: Junior high school students and above

​<Notes / rules>

・ With bare hands​ Steering operation is not permitted.

​Be sure to wear gloves.

​・ If you feel sick while driving,

​We may stop the operation.

In that case, please note that the fee will not be refunded.

​right away


​・ Wear other than shoes so that you can drive safely

​(Sandals, heels, etc. cannot be worn)


​Please refrain from using it.

​・ Travel time so as not to bother other customers



​Immediately change to the next person after driving

​・ Eating, drinking and drinking while driving is prohibited.

​We are here.

​・ Rough operations are not permitted.

​By intentional violent operation, obvious negligence


The device

​If you do

​Repair fee

​I will do it

​There may be cases.

​To our customers


​・ Before driving, setting the traveling vehicle or driving course, etc.


​It may take some time.

・ The service is for junior high school students and above.

​In some cases

​We will refuse depending on your height

​There is.

​・ If you cannot follow the above rules, even during the usage time

​Please decline the use

​Please leave the store

​There is.

​In some cases

J1 Grand Prix
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