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​Motor Sports Department

Activities: Radio control, drone, motorcycle, car racing​ A group of people who like things with motors, and recently participated in the Eco Car Cup as "Toyota Mobility Parts Racing Team" K2RT "to convey the joy of motor sports and the joy of riding a car. We are doing it.

Eco Car Cup 2019Winter  Festival


The Motorsports Department and volunteer employees held the "Eco Car Cup 2019 Winter" at Fuji Speedway on February 16th.  We participated in the "Festival".

A total of 24 people participated by recruiting volunteers from all employees, mainly 10 people from the motor sports department.

Race Results A total of 76 cars were run in this race, and 18 cars were in the class in which we participated.
The final ranking was Aqua in 3rd place in the class and VitzHV in 10th place.

nextScheduled to participate in the Eco Car Cup in February!


2019/01/26ECO RUN participation decision!


The first activity of the motor sports club in 2019 was to participate in the "TMSC Fuji 6 Hours Endurance Economy Run 2019" held on January 26th. ( Http:// )

TMSC is a club that contributes to the promotion of motorsports by producing many influential drivers as a driving force of Japanese motorsports called TOYOTA Motor Sports Club and hosting many races as a motorsports organizer.

This time, there are only 11 members of the motor sports department, and the entry model will be the AQUA GR, which has been newly stocked as a company car.

Although he showed a good fight in 5th place in the same class, he ran out of gas at the last minute and retired from tears.

It was a race that made me keenly aware of the rigor of eco-car racing.

At the ECO CAR CUP 2019 Winter Festival in February, we will use this lesson and aim for further improvement.



​Club activities

Baseball club

Activities: Belonging to the Yokohama Minato Softball Baseball Federation (12 teams as of 2018), we will play about 7 to 8 games in league games, tournament games, etc. from April to October.

We also participate in the "Kanto Block Co-Sales Baseball Tournament" held every year at Toyota parts co-sellers in Kanagawa, Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Gunma, Tochigi, and Niigata. The practice is mainly night game practice once or twice a month at the park ground in Yokohama city.

Best grade

Minato League: 1 victory, 2 runners-up

Kanto block tournament runner-up 1 time

DSC_0016 (2).JPG
加工 集合写真.jpg

​Golf club

Activities: We hold competitions twice a year, in spring and autumn. The practice is carried out by the members working hard individually.


Co-sale bay ★Bowlers

Activities: A regular meeting is held once a month, and a trophy is awarded to the player of the year, so the participation rate is very high aiming for the highest award, and it is the first time for a strong man to bring my ball and my protector. Even beginners who are bowling can feel free to relax and relieve stress. It's a club that is so attractive that all new employees who joined this year will join the club, holding summer heat, winter year-end party or new year party!


Tennis club

Activity: I sweat once a month mainly at the tennis court in Izumi-ku, Yokohama. In addition, we hold a year-end party and a social gathering twice a year in the summer to get rid of the heat and in the winter.

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