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​Inquiries about parts & access to the head office

​Yokohama store

​Location: 〒240-0032

​FAX number: 045-351-1405


<For public institutions>

● From JR Hodogaya Station East Exit Bus Terminal (National Highway No. 1 side) Sotetsu Bus bound for Futamatagawa Station North Exit

or Get off at "Imaibashi" at "Mitatebashi" (about 20 minutes). 
● Sotetsu Bus bound for Higashitotsuka West Exit (circulation) from JR Higashitotsuka Station West Exit Bus Terminal (Tokyu Store side)

or Take "Hoshikawa Lamp" and get off at "Imaicho" (about 10 minutes).
● From the Sotetsu Line Futamatagawa Station North Exit Bus Terminal (Don Quixote side), take the Sotetsu Bus bound for Hodogaya Station East Exit, Yokohama Station West Exit, or Sakuragicho, and get off at Imaibashi (about 20 minutes).
From the South Exit Bus Terminal (Seiyu side), take the Sotetsu Bus bound for the West Exit of Higashi Totsuka Station (via Sakonyama / Ichizawa) and get off at Kanni Imai (about 20 minutes).


​* This is the contact point for inquiries regarding parts.

​Precautions regarding inquiries and orders

Toyota Mobility Parts Kanagawa Branch asks for your cooperation in confirming the items described in the vehicle verification in order to check the exact parts when making inquiries about parts.

When making inquiries about automobile parts, please have your vehicle verification handy.


If you have a special specification car, TECS, Modellista, etc., please let us know.

● We may ask you for your name and phone number for contact and confirmation.

● In addition to the above vehicle verification, we may ask for a color number for exterior (outer circumference) parts and a trim code for interior parts.  The color number and trim code are printed on the caution plate of the car.

● For genuine navigation, audio, etc., please let us know the model number listed on the actual product.

We do not accept orders by phone, email, or inquiry form . We apologize for the inconvenience, but please visit us before placing your order.

● Please note that we do not accept shipments by courier.

● If you have a question from the inquiry form, it may take 2 to 3 business days to answer, so if you are in a hurry, please contact the store near you by phone.

● Toyota Mobility Parts Kanagawa Branch does not sell parts outside Kanagawa Prefecture. If you are outside of Kanagawa prefecture, please contact the nearest branch office. Click here for a list of mobility parts branch offices


Caution plate

We apologize for the inconvenience, but during the state of emergency
Inquiries using this form will be suspended.
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