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Toyota lexus

Hybrid car

A model with enhanced functions for safe use of hybrid vehicles using proprietary technology. No need to check the amount of liquid or refill water!


General car / charge control car

Hybrid vehicles other than Toyota Lexus

Recommended for cars that use the car several times a week but tend to be inadequately charged due to frequent short-distance driving.

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​Idling stop car

Achieves overwhelming power and durability with the world's first patented new technology.

​Care / car wash parts

古河電池 (3).png

​2L window washer fluid that strongly cleans dust and dirt in the window and maintains a clear view.

古河電池 (4).png

The action of the surfactant makes it easy to clean the windshield.

Optimal ethanol concentration for use in warm regions in summer.

古河電池 (5).png

Excellent absorbency keeps dirt inside and outside the car clean!

It can be used for other than cars.

Choose from 2 sizes and 4 colors!

​Car accessories

古河電池 (6).png

Protects the floor from dirt and mud on the soles.

It is a very comfortable mat that is easy to clean.

For driver and passenger seats.

古河電池 (7).png

​A portable toilet that quickly hardens pee and wraps the odor. An excellent item that can be folded into small pieces and can be used anywhere.

古河電池 (8).png

Cooperative insulation & deodorant antibacterial with double air layer! UV protection protects the inside of the car.

Please choose the size from S, M, L, LL.

​Car exterior supplies

古河電池 (9).png

Since it uses soft acrylic that is highly transparent and does not easily discolor, and a transparent adhesive sheet, it can be attached to any body color without discomfort.

古河電池 (15).png
古河電池 (11).png

Effective against theft with special shape bolt + special wrench!

With rolling flat ring.


古河電池 (10).png

Advanced design exclusively for Toyota Vellfire. Adopted a special design with texture gradation on the key illumination part.

古河電池 (14).png

Built-in terrestrial digital TV tuner. A standard size car navigation system equipped with an HD panel. Compatible with high resolution sound sources, LDAC, MQA, etc.

古河電池 (16).png

Achieves clear and high-contrast image expression by combining a high-transmittance capacitive touch panel and a high-brightness LED backlight.


古河電池 (17).png

The deodorant and sterilizing components of nanoparticles decompose the bad odors and pet odors in the back of the fibers.

Sterilization enhanced type.

古河電池 (18).png

The deodorant and sterilizing components of nanoparticles decompose the bad odors and pet odors in the back of the fibers.

Deodorant enhanced type.

古河電池 (19).png

Simply attach it to the air conditioner vent in the car. The liquid type makes it easy to understand the end of use.

​Radar detector

古河電池 (20).png
古河電池 (21).png
古河電池 (22).png

Compatible with the new type of control machine "Radar type fixed Orbis" by GPS data registered in the main body.

Supports radar reception that could not be received by conventional radar detectors.

In addition to GPS data alarms, small Orbis radar waves can be received and alerted.

​One-touch installation! Socket type GPS receiver that can be used just by inserting it. Compact with no wiring required!

​drive recorder

古河電池 (23).png
古河電池 (24).png
古河電池 (25).png

Front and rear 2 cameras Full 200HD 2 million pixels

High-performance drive recorder with GPS.

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